Art Appreciation Course Reviews

Heather Carpenter

Auckland, New Zealand

I think this course gives a great overview of the key stages of art history that have influenced the shape of artwork across the centuries.

The course was a good balance of both the aesthetic and cultural concerns of the periods. Tutor feedback is well thought through and actively encourages wider reading, as do the questions!


Stephen Boyd

Whangarei, New Zealand

I found doing the Online art appreciation course much easier than having to go through a tertiary education establishment, especially since I work full time.

The course material provided was excellent and concise and I found that the questions asked enabled me to delve deeper into areas of importance. The course could be completed quite easily in 6 months, with some discipline in study skills. I took a little longer.

I would like to thank my tutor Stephen Farthing for his guidance throughout the course and Josephine at student support for her help and friendly emails when I had issues.

I have already purchased an advanced course and will buy any others that are released at a later date.

All the very best for the future.


Ngaire Sandra Riddell

Motueka, New Zealand

The Art Appreciation course offered is absolutely fantastic for art enthusiasts seeking to expand their knowledge and explorations.

The knowledge provided in the course by highly accomplished international art experts is very impressive and offers interest and enjoyable learning to enthusiasts at all levels. I personally appreciated the introduction to artists through history that I would never have heard of otherwise.

My high regards and thanks to all involved in putting this most excellent course together - highly recommended!

Marnie Luond

New Plymouth, New Zealand

I did this course as an interest and thoroughly enjoyed it, learning far more than I expected.

Even though the 250-word limit was 'a pain', it meant I had to know the subject well to understand what was important. The limit has also improved my writing in other areas too.

I valued Stephan's support, congratulatory comments, encouragement and constructive suggestions. Regarding the Facebook group, it was good to belong to with supportive comments between students and comments that showed all the tutors were similar in their supportive attitude toward students.

Thank you so very much to the Institute and Stephan. I will miss the course.

Philip Nicholas Dew

Omarama, New Zealand

The Art Institute course has proved invaluable. I now have new insights into the works of art I encounter and have been furnished with the skills to analyse them for myself. The exposure through this course to the rich and diverse forms of art available in the world has truly enriched my life, and I am now inspired to learn even more and maybe someday find a career for myself in the art industry.

Before discovering this course, I found it hard to grapple with the often complex ideas and theories involved in the history of art. However, this course broke everything down into easily digestible parts, and now I have a good understanding of the many aspects involved in the interpretation and appreciation of art. I am now not only recognising the ideas and theories behind the artworks I see but am formulating new ideas and theories for myself.

This course is great for anyone who feels like they are stagnating and need to get their brain working. I feel that as a result of this course, my thought processes have improved, and my mind is working better than it has in years.

I am grateful to my tutor for all the support and encouragement that was a big help when things got tough. This course demonstrates how important to society an understanding of art is to cultural awareness. If I was transported back in time, I would certainly do this course again. All the best to anyone considering this course; you can’t go wrong.

Clare Toovey

Masterton, New Zealand

I am so glad I came across this course and had the courage to register. I was looking for a way to learn more about art history but needed something I could work at from home flexibly and at my own pace. The course has provided a most interesting challenge and has given me hours of pleasure over this last year as I've been taken on a tour of art through the ages, reading well written modules produced by obviously passionate experts.

More than simply providing the modules, the Institute requires input through its well thought out and challenging but achievable assignments. This keeps you focussed and importantly it ensures true learning and therefore greater satisfaction. Student support was great, particularly helpful when I needed to seek an extension because of ill health. My tutor was exceptionally efficient marking modules and he provided extremely constructive and supportive feedback. I have purchased an Advance Module and will look forward to deepening my understanding of particular areas of art history. I would certainly recommend it to you.

Many thanks, the Art Institute!

Lynette Westgaard

Auckland, New Zealand

I have just completed my last assignment. I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect, and I am very grateful to my tutor for all her encouragement and advice. The modules were marked very quickly and always had handy hints.

Through this experience, I start today a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. This is not something I might have entertained before completing this course, and for that, I am very thankful.

Margaret Whittaker

Christchurch, New Zealand

I enjoyed this course very much.

It was challenging for sure, but also interesting and engaging so that it never seemed like too daunting a task to have to complete another assignment.

I feel it has given me a well rounded insight into all periods and styles of art, from the earliest of times to the present day, and it has encouraged me to continue studying the period which interested me the most. My tutor was encouraging in his comments as well as helpful with suggestions on how to improve my assignments. The modules were beautifully illustrated and concisely and clearly written.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Art and prepared for an interesting and satisfying challenge.

Anna-Lisa Michelle Roberts

Whangarei, New Zealand

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Excellent tutor directions. I gained an amazing amount of additional information from the different authors/artist/lecturers specialising in each of the different art periods.

I thought the eleventh module on art markets, rounded the course in a beneficial way. Many thanks for a well compiled, condense art course. Anna-Lisa Roberts

Kevin Lawrence

Canterbury, New Zealand

I have completed a number of courses over the years, and this has been the most interesting of all.

I found the workload just right with resource books that encouraged further reading and study. Assignments were always marked promptly, with positive and helpful comments added. I have discovered areas of interest that I had not really considered in the past and will be doing further reading and study in these areas.

I will certainly be recommending this course to others.

Richard Yaxley

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

I highly recommend the Diploma of Art Appreciation offered by The Art Institute. This is a comprehensive, stimulating course which takes you on a journey of empowerment through the history and development of Western Art. But it's more than that; an exploration of the people, an expose of the politics,and a chance to deconstruct the works that changed the world and the movements that sculpted our thinking. It's also a great opportunity to reflect on your own view of art and articism; how and why creativity both benefits and shapes our society.

The course materials are of a very high standard, the assignments are relevant and often deliciously provocative, the tutors provide outstanding support and the process is simple, effective and efficient. Most significantly, the Diploma makes you think; to move beyond blanket appreciation or criticism towards a level of discernment and rationalisation that is enriching and rewarding.

Vicki Anne Harrold

Eastwood, NSW, Australia

I was delighted to discover The Art Institute, offering a course in Art Appreciation, whilst searching the internet. I had been looking for an art course for some time but there were no equivalent courses available locally, so this online course presented a great opportunity for me to fit study into a busy lifestyle. The fees are very reasonable, particularly compared to other online courses, and the enrolment and payment processes were straightforward. My designated tutor was wonderful and readily available, marking assignments promptly and giving me constructive feedback.

This course has truly opened my mind as to how to view art in a non-judgmental manner. My appreciation of a work of art is no longer just “do I like it or not?” I find I am now able to identify and understand many different aspects of a work, including the time period and movement to which it belongs, techniques and media, style and themes, and how it fits within the context of the timeline of Western civilisation.  The studies include looking at contributing factors that have shaped the evolution of art and its intrinsic relationship to religious, political, technological and sociological developments.

The course material is well presented and easy to read, and inspires further research. I have enjoyed every module and have taken the time to immerse myself in each step along the way, spending lots of extra time visiting galleries and art auctions.

Thank you to The Art Institute for guiding me through the centuries – this has been a very rewarding experience!

Donald Turner

Elstow, UK

I really enjoyed the course; it gave me a fantastic introduction to Western art.

I wanted this background so that I would feel more confident when talking to my customers.

The relaxed pace meant that I could proceed at my own speed.

The course tutor provided great support and encouragement. I can thoroughly recommend this course.

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